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Squalicum Mountain has been a landmark beside Bellingham for time eternal. It was mostly owned privately but much of it had been logged as a renewable resource iin the past. One of the many remarkable things about this piece of the mountain is that the 40 acres on the west side of the property (designated as the "Preserve" in the Reserve at Squalicum Mountain) was selectively logged many years ago. Some of the trees standing deep in the forest are old. When you venture inside the gates, it feels as though you are in a remote forest far from civilization. There is no traffic noise, no air traffic path above, no light contamination in the star filled skies.  Arguably it is one of the last remaining parcels of its kind; the land is perfect for developing the close-remote lifestyle.

The Reserve at Squalicum Mountain was purchased by an individual with a vision of "Conservation Development", where minimal impact to the rugged beauty of the area would be enforced, and the true natural beauty of the land would be preserved.