Unsurpassed Mountain SceneryMountain Pictures

Building your private mountain enclave would not be complete without breathtaking views. Because of the unique topography, each home-site at The Reserve affords amazing views of the sweeping Frazier floor with The Canadian Rockies in the distance and towering Cascade mountains to the east. At sunrise and sunset, the sky explodes with brilliant displays of colors sharply accentuated by the blue mountain skies.

At night, - a carpet of twinkling lights, reflecting the stars above, stretch all the way to the Canadian mountain range.

During the spring, the budding Alders and green meadows will signal the onset of summer, and the fall displays the Alder stands' golden foliage. Year round, the stalwart sentinels of the Reserve- the firs, cedars, spruces, junipers, and hemlocks remain, green and timeless.